Mage Bot 10.2 crackedo DOWNLAD

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Mage Bot 10.2 crackedo DOWNLAD

Mensagem  spasiba1 em Qua Set 18, 2013 8:04 pm

MageBot 10.2

A new and improved team server for guild wars and several new options for PvP including speedhack and potion friend(NEW)
A Multiclient Walking Magebomb that can run up ramps/use ladders/ and respond to hotkey commands from the leader character
Complete fully functional cavebot with over 20 built in scripts customized for characters levels 1 to 300.
An easy to use script creation system, complete with lootbagging, mana fluid recharging
Several distinct cavebot modes including Exori vis mode/Run and Shoot/Stand and SD(for OT servers)
A fully customizeable looter with item list that can be activated by hotkey even when not cavebotting
A fully configurable always active autohealer
A sound/pause alert system along with an option to PM a friend character
A very advanced loot sorter with no item limitation/ and an autoloot seller/gold changer
A fairly state of the art PVP system with configurable hotkeys including 2 autofire modes/ 5 rune types/ autoheal friend
Additional PVP hotkeyable choices including an auto pot trapper/item spammer/auto ssa/might ring loader/ and level spy
A channel based remote control multi character management system
A simple easy to use runemaker
Light hack, Level Spy, Camoflauge, Auto Skinner, and Hold Attack mode for stair hopping
Operating systems: Windows XP SP1/SP2.

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