Bots para Tibia 10.37DOWNLOAD ( NEW UPDATE)

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Bots para Tibia 10.37DOWNLOAD ( NEW UPDATE)

Mensagem  inoki92 em Sab Mar 29, 2014 8:54 am

Tibia RedBot 10.37
RedBot is the newest bot 10:37 Tibia developed recently released shortly after the last
Tibia update
This bot is already cracked, modified with hex codes, and offers a new navigation system.

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Tibia iBot 10.37

IBOT is a tool for advanced new generation for Tibia , which is a functionality is completely free of charge and external customer. Do not send or receive
packets , does not alter the memory and does not make the DLL client functionality does not change in any way ,
Like most other tools do not while exposing themselves to many risks like causing otherwise impossible behavior or gear
Activities in the degree of unrealistic speed.

IBOT was built with a strong and flexible design in mind and can efficiently perform all kinds of actions , by controlling the mouse and keyboard only .
In conjunction with its built-in intelligent control randomization and nature , can be difficult tozachowanie said besides human .

This type of collaboration has many benefits . Bot is isolated from the client that there is no full impact nainnych , for example , the occurrence of
accident. Bot also can not perform any actions that are humanly impossible , which ensures that activities are performed in the same
as if they were manually.

Released and already equipped with a fully functional advanced features such as healers , Cavebot , segmentation, script and screen , you can only
This means żehandload amazing opportunities coming very soon!

What else can you expect from the person who created and maintained ElfBot bot bot who innovated in Tibia his many functions , such as navigation , location, flexible shortcuts
on-screen display and more?

Putting trust in someone who has the skills and over 10 years experience in the prevention of fraud and cheating in a few games not
may be wrong .

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Blackd Proxy 10.37

First Cheats - In this section we find the basic functions of a bot
Second Runemaker - here you can find the usual options for advanced combustion mana to run
3rd Cavebot - autoexpienia and attacking option
4th Warbot - here you will find options . Dot treat friends and useful for PK
5th Tools - this tab are not very useful options , plain " Bajer "
6th HP & Mana - Which set a bookmark in any treatment
7th Advanced - tab for advanced users
8th Hotkeys - the usual shortcuts
9th Trainer - a section devoted this training
10th Proxy - Here you can find options to connect
11th Events - events , and a very extensive alarm options
12th Stealth - replaces the recently Introduced window typing commands on the client Tibia and bar games
13th ? (Conditional Events ) - contingencies
14th Stop Alarm - This option has one task - to stop the alarm
15th Tutorial - this option is only so That we can quickly see the description of the bot
16th Tibia - we can quickly turn Tibia client
17th Tibia MC - this option is used to enable the MC

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Tibia Dice Bot 10.37

Works with Tibia 10.37

- Added back straighten the stack after 2 min
- Added text editing when restacking
- Disable HUD that was causing debug (will be implemented in future updates)
- Editors sleep time Anti-litter, which was the cause of failure

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MageBot 10.37

New and improved server team in Guild Wars , and several new options for PvP in this friend Speedhack and elixir (NEW )
Walking multiclient Magebomb that can run up the ramp / use ladders / and respond to keyboard shortcuts to the nature of leadership
A complete fully functional Cavebot with over 20 built in scripts tailored to the character level from 1 to 300
Easy -to-use system for creating a script, along with lootbagging , fluid loading mana
Several different modes Cavebot the exori vis mode / Run and Shoot / stand and SD (for servers OT)
Fully customizeable looter from a list of items that can be activated by the shortcut key , even if you do not cavebotting
Fully customizable always active autohealer
Sound / Pause alarm system with the possibility AM figure friend
Very advanced sorter loot out of position / reduce and autoloot seller / changer gold
Quite the state of the art PVP system with customizable keyboard shortcuts , including 2 modes AUTOFIRE / 5 types of runes / friend autoheal
Additional PVP hotkeyable elections in the pot auto trapper / position spammer / Auto SSA / charger can call and / spy level
Channel remote control management system based on the nature of multi-
Simple easy to use runemaker
Light Attack hack, Spy Level , Camoflauge , Auto Skinner and keep jumping on the stairs
Operating Systems : Windows XP SP1/SP2 .

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XenoBot 10.37

XenoBot modification is completely sensitive and ideal for Tibia client
with an arsenal of advanced narzędzi.Oprogramowanie,
That is easy to use, efficient,
flexible and highly secure,
works perfectly on Windows operating systems and does not cause delays

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Tibia Cast 10.37

Tibiacast Which is a program allows you to see in the eyes of other Tibia players to record their own adventures in the game
or transmitted in real time so that others can see and talk to you playing.

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